Hello Netflix. It's me, the guy who pays for your service so that 3 other people can also enjoy it. And the 4 of us are a bit disappointed with you. 

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There are literally hundreds of awesome shows, movies and documentaries on Netflix. But every time, we go in, all we see are the 8-10 same suggestions every single day. 

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Look, your algorithm is fine. Showing us the things we like is really helpful. But if I am watching Daredevil, I'm pretty sure I am going to watch The Punisher too. I don't need your help with that. 

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What I need your help with is finding a show like Godless or Broadchurch or Alias Grace.

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You have great content, man. I am not going to deny that. You have changed the way we consumed that content and in doing so have created more space for innovative stories and we're as grateful as all the storytellers out there. 

But as I said, you don't have to suggest a show like FRIENDS to people. The fans would find it anywhere. Show us something new or something older. 

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It's the unknown shows that need to be on that recommended list. Shows and films, that people didn't know existed and thus can't even search for them with keywords. 

People who can watch Vampire Diaries and follow it up with 12 Years A Slave for all you know. So stop putting us in a box. 

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Look, what you're doing right now with the content you're showing to your viewers is no different than how social networking websites work. You show me things based on the content I've already been watching. 

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While it is a convenient and rather easy gamble, it does nothing for a lot of people, who want to watch different stories but have no time or patience after a long day of work to put in the effort to dig for those 'hidden' stories. 

Nobody really goes to the 10th page on Google. Then why are you making it so that we've to employ the same process with you in order to watch something different? 

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Nobody is asking you to get rid of the recommended stuff! Just don't rely entirely it on the choices we've already made. We're stupid Millenials who're already regretting half the decisions we've made. Enlighten us!