Online streaming giant, Netflix has given us some stellar documentaries over the past few months and it’s out with another gripping new docu-series called Unsolved Mysteries.  

Now this nail-biting series has not only left viewers scratching their heads over what really is happening, but is also topping the Netflix’s viewer chart. 

This six-episode series follows very normal families that have lived the unthinkable. Whether it is the trauma of a loved one’s horrific death or their unexplained disappearance, it is almost paranormal to go through the entire set of events and the course these cases take. 

Twitter is absolutely blown away by this series. 

As the name suggests, the series is all about those real-life cases that still remain unsolved after years and years of trying to figure them out. The series will surely get you hooked and urge you to figure out the truth with it.  

You can watch the trailer here : 

Pictures are sourced from the trailer.