From a ladkewale v/s ladkiwale cricket match to an almost award show like sangeet, #Nickyanka wedding festivities have been summed up to a crazy woot. While amidst all the hustle, Priyanka managed to look drop-dead gorgeous, our eyes remained glued to Nick Jonas.

Look at this videsi swag in desi avtar

That smile, though!

Aur ye aam janta ke dilo se jata hua, Nick ne maara chhakka!

Sab ladkiyon ke dil clean bowled.

And then there was this sangeet function.

Mal-mal ka kurta, upar se ladka haye allah!

What would I had given to be there on that stage as a background dancer!

Dulhe ke yaare, mera dil tere dwaare!

All the images are taken from Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra‘s Instagram.