With an equal amount of uncertainty and thrill, horror stories can instantly churn your stomach. While we have read several horror stories on different websites, today, we stumbled upon a bunch of bone-chilling stories by some night shift workers where they revealed their scariest experiences while they were on their duty. 

Disclaimer: The following stories include stalking and scary tales. Read at your own risk.

Are you ready to be scared? Read on.

1. “I had a trauma night during general surgery. We had a teen who was shot 9 times. We did everything, including thoracotomy, but he still died. I was sitting outside the trauma bay writing the note and the janitorial staff was cleaning the trauma bay (lots of blood and debris). After about 9 minutes, the teen sits up on the table and belts out a guttural groan. The janitor staff pretty much died and/or shit their pants. We all ran in and restarted the code, even got some pulseless electrical activity, but yes, the story still ends with him dying. There are a lot of theories about what it actually was, the lazerus effect or just spontaneous diaphragmatic spasm. But, it was absolutely crazy.”

– SkippyBojangle

2. “I was taking my first deceased patient to the hospital morgue in the middle of the night. It’s in the basement and getting to the morgue wasn’t easy. There were a lot of turns and dimly-lit hallways. At the time, the morgue was being renovated. I was freaking out because there was no room left in the morgue and there was an unattended, OCCUPIED stretcher in the doorway.”

– tae_unnie

3. “I worked overnight in a very old but still functional hospital. The building was in bad condition but still had patients and staff. So, I was clearing out this old cupboard when the door behind me got shut. It was wedged open with a fire extinguisher. I didn’t hear anything or see anyone. I switched my phone torch and left the room. So, I went down to the security office and reported the incident. They played the CCTV footage and some guy, dressed all in black with bare feet, just walks up silently to the cupboard and grabs the fire extinguisher. The security dudes flew into action but the guy was never caught.”

– airwalkerdnbmusic

4. “I was working the night shift in a gas station/truck stop in the mid-90s. I had another guy working with me who ran the diesel side, while I worked the gas side. We had a guy come in around 1 or 2 am and just looked at stuff in the aisles for a while, before he left. I didn’t really think twice about him. Later, at about 6 am, when I got off, I drove home past a convenience store. There were about 30 cop cars in the parking lot and there weren’t even 30 cop cars in the city. I came to find out that during the night, the convenience store had been robbed and the clerk had been taken into the cooler, tied up and beheaded. The police took a copy of our security footage, which led them to a suspect who was later convicted of the murder. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was to go to work the next day. We kind of assumed that the guy was going to rob us first, but didn’t want to deal with two clerks, so he left and hit that convenience store instead.”

– eruditeimbecile

5. “I worked in the IT department at a hospital years ago and the computer room was next to the morgue. At late night, I walked out of the computer room to get a drink. I turned to my left and there was a gurney with a body bag on it with water dripping out of it and 2 sheriff deputies standing by it. I found out that they found a body in the river and they were waiting for someone to open the morgue.”

– don_teegee

6. “I was working at a copper mine and on a dark summer night, I was told to go down into the bottom of the pit we were digging to fuel our diesel shovel. Since nobody was working in that pit, I was the only person at the bottom of that pit. The whole time I was fueling, I felt like I was being watched by someone or something. I was instinctually looking over my shoulder every few seconds. Also, I’m not a small person, I’m 6’5 and was about 300lbs. But, I still felt something malicious was watching me the whole time.”

– DaultonM101

7. “When I was 18, I was working as a kitchen porter in a hotel/restaurant/nightclub complex that had been converted from a nuns’ convent. One night, I was minding my own business and mopping a floor when I felt I was being watched. I turned, thinking it was a co-worker about to startle me, but there was no one there. Shortly after I was walking from the kitchen to the scullery, I felt someone was standing in the opening of the alcove, where the dishwasher was. I walked into the scullery and turned the corner, looking into the alcove, but there was no one. I mentioned it to one of my colleagues, a man of about pensionable age and he said that the building was hundreds of years old and as haunted as fuck.”

– MagicSPA

8. “I was an overnight valet at a hotel and our overflow lot was a couple of blocks away. I was walking back from that lot, after parking a car around 1 am, and I started to get this really uncomfortable gut feeling. I looked around and noticed a guy in a hoodie, about 50 ft behind me. This was in a business district so it’s unusual to see people walking around there late at night. Also, it was summer, so a hoodie is a little out of place, but I didn’t want to jump to assuming this guy was some kind of murderer. I picked up my pace and he picked up his. When I turned at the next block, he turned too. I was REAL freaked out at this point so I pulled out my pocket knife and ran as fast as I could back to the hotel. I don’t know at what point he stopped following me, but I refused to park any more cars in the overflow lot that night and ended up finding a new job.”

– Hanz_VonManstrom

9. “I worked in a restaurant on the main strip of bars in my college town. The night shift was a breeze generally, but when the pandemic hit, we were the only place still open and the street looked like a ghost town. One night, I ended up having to wait completely alone for the last hour because my “stalker” was the last order of the night. He was consistently late to pick up his food but usually, I at least had my boss with me. He used to record me while I was working and send it to me on social media that I had never given him and he knew my birthday before I ever met him. That was the longest hour of my life.”

– imperfectboob

10. “I was riding my moped alone at 1 am, through this village that had been wiped entirely by a flash flood a couple of week before. Not all bodies were found, the entire place reeked of rotting flesh. Also, there were only lights from my moped and it was the eeriest place I’ve ever been. I couldn’t even speed up because the road was uneven from that flood. Sometimes, I could feel that my bike was heavier and just got lighter when I left the area, be it day or night. People say it might happen because those spirits hopped on the moped.”

– 762cal

11. “When I was 18, I got a gig. I was working as a security guard and while doing my nightly patrols at around 2 am, I came across a sweet old lady, sitting in her wheelchair, outside of her room. She waved me over and asked me if I can tell the children to stop running in the halls because she was trying to sleep. I resumed my patrols looking and listening for these kids and found nothing. I return back to the main nurse’s desk and told them what had happened. They stared at me and told me that people see and hear weird things at night. It turns out that the place was an old orphanage in the 30s that had burned down and killed a few kids.”

– thechaoswithinn

12. “There has been a schizo, wandering the local convenience stores at night, and he found mine. Long story short, he took advantage of my hospitality and came all over the bathroom. He wandered the store making weird noises, laughing and yelling randomly for like 3 hours. It was really scary for me. I still feel dirty from having to clean up his cum and also wonder what else he was doing, while wandering the store. The sheriff came in at his usual time that morning and was like: “YOU!” and I knew that this guy was bad news.”

– Skaebo

13. “I used to be a caregiver for my grandfather and I had just started the night shift with him. At night, he jumped up in his bed, nearly pulled his catheter out, and yelled “THEY’RE BANGING ON THE WALLS, JOHN! (not my name) GO GET THE GUN! THE NEIGHBORS ARE TRYING TO KNOCK THE HOUSE DOWN!” He had a UTI and it made him hallucinate. It was still scary.”

– WriterReborn2

14. “I’m working overnight at an old, mostly abandoned mental institution. It was an old building from the WWI era with decaying paint and cement brick walls. The next room over is an industrial kitchen with abandoned rusting mixers and giant cauldrons. It’s 5 am and I’m not really supposed to be there that early, but I have some leeway in setting my own hours and I was up, so I head into work early. It’s me and one other guy working there. A few days back, a cop had knocked at the door talking about a suspect potentially in the area. But, it’s 5 AM and the place is empty. Until a door slams upstairs. We were out in two minutes flat.”

– km89

15. “I used to deliver newspapers at 2 am in a well-developed, suburban neighbourhood. During my first week on the job, I found half part of a housecat lying on the road with fresh blood and guts all over the place. It looked like it had been shredded by a monster. Then later, I found the other half three blocks away.”

– filthy_lucre

Don’t forget to switch on all the lights tonight while sleeping!