Tired of going through endless lists while trying to find something exciting to watch on Netflix? Well, the streaming platform might have come up with the perfect solution to your worries. 

Netflix is currently testing a shuffle button which will pick something for you to watch, based on your watching history. So no more staying up all night trying to find the right thing, only to fall asleep searching? Finally. 

Right now the button is being tested, and several Twitter users have posted seeing the button pop up on their Netflix TV accounts. 

If Netflix can play Hasan Minhaj the second I press the shuffle button then colour me impressed. 

P.S. Why does this feel like we’re regressing to cable TV? 

This ‘I’m feeling lucky’ feature might end up saving quite a lot of sleepovers and Netflix & Chill dates. The option will be available on the page that you select your profile on, and well as on the side menu.