Every once in a while, someone famous decides that feminism is a bad idea, and gives our already regressive society a way to shame people who are constantly fighting for equal rights. Recently, Nora Fatehi’s opinion on feminism had a similar effect. The actress talked about women wanting equal rights, and how, according to her, that is just ‘extreme’ behaviour. A specific part of the video is constantly doing rounds on the internet, and so a common argument is to watch the video in entirety. You should, but it doesn’t get better.

The podcast host talks about how the common eight to five work day grind is designed to accommodate men’s testosterone cycle, and not women’s. They add that women’s hormones are not even taken into consideration in this schedule. Somehow, the conversation turned into how women should not want the same things because their bodies are built differently. When, in fact, the truth is that this should be more reason to come up with a space that makes things equally accessible for men and women.

She went on to add that women and men cannot bring the same things to the table, and men need to be more in touch with their masculine side. On the other hand, women SHOULD be mothers and caregivers so that there’s everything on the table. According to her, women should not want to do the same things as men – like working. She said that nature is different for both genders, and the way to be is, submit.

So many times when we dismiss the idea of feminism, we forget that patriarchy is more than about men doing the “corporate jobs”. It’s about how women have been (and still are) treated in society. The simple ability to choose is something that is taken away when you’re a woman – and that’s solely because the world is designed for men to thrive. It’d still not be an equal space if things were the other way round – which is exactly what feminism says. The fact that all genders should have an equal liberty in the society, in simpler words, equity to approach rights and things.

What made the discourse more concerning was when Nora Fatehi went on to say that for most women it’s in “fashion” to hate men. She mentioned, “Girls are not sweet. A lot of women are manipulative, and crazy”. Feminism and equity are the most misunderstood subjects already. People forget that in wanting equality, women just want equal choices and chances, and a world that is fairer. It’s not a delusion, that it already isn’t – is the truth of things.

However, when celebrities already come with a certain ability to influence, choosing to say things should come with a sense of responsibility. Some opinions have more impact on the society as a whole, than we think of. Especially when they are also attached to platforms that have a mass reach. This podcast is just one reminder.