If you, like us, are finding it difficult to get over the final season of Money Heist, then here are some brilliant Spanish-language shows to add to your binge-watch list: 

1. Elite

If you’re in the mood for some good old-fashioned drama and thrills, then Elite is the show for you. Based on the life of a group of high school students, the first 3 seasons focused on a new murder mystery each season, but with most of the same cast. But the latest season, releasing on Netflix in June, will feature some new faces. 


2. Cable Girls (Las chicas del cable)

If you love girl gangs, romance, and drama, then Cable Girls is the perfect pick for you. A Netflix original, this five-seasons-long period drama is set in the 1920s and focuses on the lives (and lies) of four young women working at a telecommunications company. It won the Award for Outstanding Scripted Television Series (Spanish-language) at the 29th GLAAD Media Awards. 


3. Green Frontier (Frontera verde)

A crime-thriller miniseries, Green Frontier, on Netflixis the perfect show to binge-watch over the weekend. A supernatural murder mystery, the show is a slow-paced drama with beautiful cinematography and a thoroughly intriguing plotline. 

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4. The House of Flowers (La casa de las Flores)

Melodrama meets black comedy in this delightful show about a dysfunctional Mexican family, running a cabaret and a floristry shop. The show aims at dealing with the prevalent homophobia and transphobia in Mexican society and has been praised for subverting the usual representation of race and sexuality. It’s currently streaming on Netflix. 


5. Paquita Salas

Much like Money Heist, Paquita Salas was also picked by Netflix after two seasons and then, renewed for seasons 3 and 4. Adorable, silly, and undoubtedly humorous, Paquita Salas focuses on a down-on-her-luck talent agent who has to move on with the time, when her most famous client abandons her. The perfect distraction when you’re looking for something light-hearted and fun, this is one easy binge-watch. 

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6. The Vineyard

What better way to escape the present times than to transport, at least through the web series, to a different age? Precisely the 1860s, where this romantic drama, based on María Dueñas’ novel of the same name, is set. Currently streaming on Amazon Prime, the show takes its own sweet time to catch your interest, but once you’re hooked, it’s hard to look away! 

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7. Locked Up (Vis a Vis)

Fans of Orange Is The New Black might be drawn to this drama, about a young woman imprisoned for fiscal crimes, that she committed for her boss. How she deals with life in jail and her fellow inmates, is what forms the crux of the story, currently available on Netflix. Make sure to keep a look out for Nairobi aka Alba Flores. 


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8. Dark Desire

Netflix certainly has a knack for picking content that just borders on porn – like Dark Desire, that people have compared to the film 365 Days, at least in terms of the explicit scenes. The thriller, about a woman whose one-night stand comes back to haunt her and her marriage, has become the “most-watched debut season of a non-English show in Netflix’s history”. 


9. The Neighbor (El Vecino)

If you’re looking for a break from crime and drama, then this light-hearted superhero comedy on Netflix, based on the comic El Vecino by Santiago García and Pepo Pérez, is right on point. The show revolves around a young man, Javier, who accidentally gains mysterious powers. But fighting evil is not easy when you have to keep your identity a secret from everyone, including your ex-girlfriend. 


10. Unauthorized Living

Succession meets Narcos in this crime-drama about a drug lord looking for his successor because he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The catch, however, is that he is keeping the diagnosis a secret. The show is available on Netflix. 

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11. High Seas (Alta Mar)

A ship on sail. People dying of mysterious circumstances. And secrets come trickling out. No, it’s not the plot of an Agatha Christie novel, but rather, the story of High Seas, a murder mystery streaming on Netflix, that will leave you on the edge of your seats. 


12. Velvet

Are you a sucker for period romances and star-crossed lovers? Then Velvet, set in the later 1950s, is the ultimate show to binge-watch. It showcases the love story of Ana Ribera, a seamstress, who falls in love with her boss’ son. It is available on Netflix. 


Is there a show you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.