Disclaimer: This article contains spoiler for the movie Jawan.

If you have a social media presence, you already know about the impact that Jawan has created. The film has won hearts all over the world – and there’s a lot to love. From Shah Rukh Khan in a massy thriller and an ensemble cast, to political undertones, people cannot stop talking about the film. The 2 hour, 49 minutes long drama has managed to do a lot of things right. Understandably, there are some scenes that stood out more than the others.

SRK in Jawan

According to viewers, these scenes are something that they’ve never witnessed before and that says a lot. So, here are some sequences that make the film what it is – a nation-favourite.

1. The scene where SRK talks about the need to vote diligently.

Ever since the first look of the film, we knew Jawan would do something big. We just didn’t know what. People are calling the film one of the most political stories that Shah Rukh Khan has picked. This is especially evident from a few scenes in the film – for instance a political monologue about voting. In this scene, SRK’s character addresses the need to put caste and religion behind and choose leaders who’d do the right thing for the nation.

2. The scene where Deepika Padukone is a mother, and more.

Jawan is an action-thriller with some very interesting sequences, but there’s more to it. The film delivers an emotional angle which was brought by Deepika Padukone’s character. She plays a mother and has a screen-time of around of 20 minutes. Viewers have emphasized on the fact that the actress brings in a lot of emotion with her limited time on-screen, and adds an important messaging to the story. For instance, this scene where she meets her son in jail.

3. The scene where we spot the Lion King reference.

In the Lion King movie, Mufasa is Simba’s father, a reference that has been drawn in Jawan. SRK plays both a father and a son in the film, and this relationship has been highlighted in specific scenes. Like this one dialogue where a supporting character says, “Wo Simba tha, yeh Mufasa hai.” The Hindi dub of the Lion King movie in 2019 was done by Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan. SRK voiced Mufasa and Aryan was the voice of Simba – which makes this easter egg all the more special.

4. The scene where we witness the much awaited ‘baap-beta’ meta reference.

When the trailer of the film had released, people noticed a meta-detail in a dialogue. SRK delivered the following one-liner – “Bete ko haath lagane se pehle, baap se baat kar.” People were excited about it, given the personal reference of the actor’s relationship with Aryan Khan. Now that the film has released, this specific scene is getting all the attention; and people are literally getting goosebumps, with this one dialogue.

5. The scene where SRK’s character hijacks a metro.

Shah Rukh Khan in his bald look, dancing in a metro, was something that caught our attention when the prevue first released. It was a villainous vibe, and for some reason we liked SRK getting back to his villain era. In the film, his character is seen hijacking a metro to ultimately do something good and important. The scene, however, comes out with the same intensity as the prevue. The scene shows him creeping people out, as they’re almost held hostage in a metro; and this particular scene shows his range as an actor. For that, and more, people loved the sequence in theatres.

Just some more reasons to watch the film over the weekend. That is, if you were not already doing that.