It’s cute how a lot of love can be packaged in conversations. You don’t need to outpour emotions by strewing roses all over the room but sometimes warm talks do the trick.  

What are songs, after all? Perhaps just mellifluous conversations. Well, I might deem it this way because I have grown up watching (and possibly learning) what Shah Rukh Khan did on screen. And his songs are what dreams are made of.


It would be silly if I said that a few glances are enough romance in real life. Today, if getting a text back takes longer than 2 hours then it triggers our trust issues, it isn’t always as magical.

This is where these most-loved romantic songs come to salvage relationships. Personally, receiving a Spotify link to an SRK song teleports me to the same ambience where I saw him romancing his jaaneman

Hindustan Times

This Twitter Page called Fables Of Film was quick to make sense of it. 

Why is it always “Your beauty leaves me speechless” and never “Kisi zuban mein bhi woh lafz hi nahi ki jin mein tum ho kya tumhein bata sakun”?

Why is it always “Will you marry me?” and never “Suno na suno na sunlo na, humsafar mujhi ko chunlo na”?

Why is it always “I’ll get the moon and stars for you” and never “Zameen ko aasmaan banaoon, sitaron se sajaoon, agar tum kaho”?

The music composers would simply write songs, just as they do for others, but SRK breathes life into them.

And after all this, how can you not have the silly grin on your face, hopefully (not hopelessly) lost in their thoughts?

There is a slew of other songs in which SRK has redefined the idea of magic, but some little secrets are safe in our 2 a.m. playlist, right?

On this note, here’s a hack to criminally steal a heart. Simply go “Tu manzil hai aur tu hi uss manzil ke aage ka rasta.”