Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) has come to an end with the final season that released recently. If you’ve watched the show from the beginning, you’d know that the Professor (the mastermind of the show) did not foresee any of the gang members or any other person (civilians or policemen) dying.

But when has a heist of that level been so safe? Several of the show’s characters died throughout the two heists and some of these have been too painful for the audience.

1. Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) 

Tokyo was the narrator of the show from the very beginning. Her voice was one of the strongest reasons why fans got emotionally attached to the show.

In season 5, when tables turn and the Professor is captured, the gang is left without their ‘guardian angel’ (as Tokyo addresses the Professor). With the army approaching, Tokyo decides to sacrifice her life and lets Denver and Manila escape.

She was shot multiple times by the army but instead of running to safety she kept fighting and in her last moments, she opened a belt of four grenades with a smile on her face.

2. Nairobi (Alba Flores)

One death that hurt everyone – the crew and audience – badly was that of Nairobi. She died after being shot in the head by Gandia. And that’s where the hate for Gandia began.

Fans loved her no-nonsense and fierce character with a refreshing attitude. After she was executed in the 4th season, the entire gang vowed to avenge her death and that set up the 5th season.

3. Oslo (Roberto García)

Oslo was the part of the original gang that robbed the Royal Mint of Spain. Helsinki and Oslo looked similar. They entered the group together but Oslo died a painful death in season 1.

After being hit over the head with a crowbar by the hostages, he begged Helsinki to kill him (can call it mercy death).

4. Moscow (Paco Tous)

Moscow entered into the heist because of his son Denver. While he was a seasoned thief, he wanted to give up that lifestyle but then Denver needed money to repay some debt and Moscow agreed to be a part of the heist. He was Denver’s biological father but others in the gang also considered him a father figure, especially Tokyo.

He was shot dead by police outside of the Royal Mint of Spain in season 2 when he and Rio tried to cover Tokyo.

5. Berlin (Pedro Alonso)

The Professor’s elder brother, it was Berlin’s love for heists that convinced him to lead the both the heists. While the Professor was always the mastermind, it was Berlin who made all these plans.

He suffered from a rare degenerative disease and thus always talked about living the life like a child. He did some terrible acts in the Royal Mint of Spain including raping a hostage.

But he died trying to buy the rest of the gang enough time to escape. He held the cops back using a machine gun, and finally ended his own life. Fans had a love-hate relationship with Berlin and while he died in the 2nd season, we continue to see him in the flashback throughout the show.

6. Gandía (José Manuel Poga)

The head of security of the Bank of Spain, Gandia became one of the most hated characters in the show. From being one of the hostages to killing Nairobi in cold blood, he even managed to escape from the bank because of Arturo’s help.

He was doing his job as a security officer, but his constant sexist comments at Tokyo and racist remarks on Nairobi made him the villain. He even passed homophobic comments on Helsinki despite the fact that he he kinda saved his life.

While Bogotá ends up knocking Gandia’s head in the 4th season, he stays alive and enters the bank with the police in the 5th season. Tokyo is the one who finally puts an end to his life with the last belt of grenades she opened.

We get to know about his death in the opening scene of Season 5 Part 2 when Sagasta informs Tamayo of the casualties.

The finale was all about emotions. Fans too were emotionally attached to the show and while the show ended in the best way possible, it will leave a void for a while.

All images are screenshots from Netflix.

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