While the era of OTT movies gifted us many iconic, melodramatic dialogues, there is one dialogue that is more extra than CGI effects in Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. It is, of course, the iconic dialogue from the action drama Karan Arjun. 

Yes, the dialogue that Raakhee, as Mrs. Durga Devi Singh says to Durjan Singh (Amrish Puri) has truly stood the test of time. And 25 years later, it still remains just as memorable as when we first heard it. 

Just to give a brief refresher, the dialogue comes at a point in the film when the audience is sympathizing with Durga’s fate and rooting for a miracle. Durjan Singh, who got Durga’s sons murdered 20 years ago, hears her crying about their return to the temple priest. 

That’s when he, along with his son and brothers-in-law, taunt her over their vicious death while also breaking the photo she has of them.

In response, Durga issues a challenge with this iconic dialogue.  

Mere bete aaenge. Mere Karan Arjun aaenge… Zameen ki chhaati phaad ke aaenge. Aasmaan ka seena cheer ke aaenge. 
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Not kidding, I got goosebumps while writing this dialogue. Such power, much wow. 

She lets Durjan Singh know that a mother’s love will bring back her sons from the dead – which is literally what happens. In yet another memorable melodramatic sequence, Durga bashes her head against the rock in the temple of Kaali Ma, beseeching the goddess to return her sons. And since there is no logic greater than ma ka pyaar, her sons get reincarnated. 


To be honest, it’s not just this scene or dialogue that we remember clearly. Everything about this film is memorable. 

The songs, with their elaborate choreography and storytelling. 

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Using sling-shot tutorials and horse-riding as a way of flirting. 


The high-power action sequences. 


And the very literal significance of bangles. 


But it’s this dialogue that remains a part of even our millennial lives. Whether we use it as a meme or in a Bollywood quiz, Rakhee screaming Mere Karan Arjun aaenge is a sentiment in itself. 

You can see the scene here: 


It’s been 25 years but this dialogue still has a place in our heart. It always will.