Being a 90s kid and listening to ‘Jawani Teri Aafat’ today makes my ears bleed. Not that all music now is bad, but by default, most are.

You know why?

Cos one of the strongest memories of being a 90s kid is vibing to Indie-pop songs. Oh, man! The music in those days was real gold. They don’t make anything like that anymore. And we don’t want trashy amplified remakes of our old favourites because you can’t match the simplicity and the purity of the past, our childhood years. A time when all was good and pure… and happy!

shahid kapoor 90s kids music
Why did we grow up?

While scrolling my feed in search of what’s trending in the Twitterverse, I came across young Shahid Kapoor’s debut music video that had us all hooked back in the day.

Haaye kahaan gayi wo raatein, wo meethi meethi si baatein, karti thi… jo deewana…

Desi Twitter is also taking a trip down memory lane. Here’s how people are reacting to this old Shahid Kapoor song.

I called them too for Gori from Band of Boys. Could hear it all day, every day!


True dat.

The real OGs.



Couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams!

If Hermione Granger’s time-turner was real, I know where I would have travelled back to!

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