Shah Rukh Khan, naam toh suna hi hoga.

The iconic actor, known for his brilliant acting on-screen, has been stealing our hearts for three long decades. And, unless you have been living under a rock, you must be aware of his on-point wit and chucklesome humour off-screen.

Needless to mention, the baadshah of tinsel town has bagged over 95 awards along with 18 state honours. From his inspiring lecture at educational institutions to his moving speech at award functions, he is arguably the unbeatable king of wit and emotions.


We stumbled upon a throwback video of the actor accepting an award for best actor, that has made our bones tickle.

In 1998, SRK bagged Zee Cine Award (Best Actor) for his brilliant acting in Dil To Pagal Hai. As soon as his name was announced and the actor hopped on the stage, he began being his goofy self and trust us, we aren’t complaining at all.

First, he playfully thanked his co-star, Kajol, who was giving away the award and hugged her. 

He then went ahead and spoke a hilarious statement for his co-star, Mahima Chaudhary.

This is the first time I’m coming on stage where people have more awards than me, my mama (Mahima). Acha, abhi Aamir-Waamir sabko bhool jaao, sirf Shah Rukh Khan ko yaad rakho.


After he went on and thanked everyone, including the entire unit of the movie, for his award, he requested the organizers to hand an award to male actors equivalent to the ‘fresh new face’ category, perhaps a ‘best smelling male artist’ category.

Lastly, he revealed that one of his co-stars keeps telling him that ‘tujhe humesha award milta hai, mujhe nahi milta hai‘ and invited him on the stage. And, the actor was Salman Khan.

From welcoming and hugging him to fake crying with him, SRK, once again, proved why he’s the goofiest king of the kings!

You can check the entire clip here:

Well, that’s SRK for you!

Please note that all images are taken from the clip unless mentioned otherwise.

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