Most of us have grown up idolising on-screen couples — their romance, their chemistry, and their friendship. In fact, a huge part of our childhood nostalgia comprises of films that have our favourite fictional couples. However, what we didn’t realise was that most of these so-called “iconic” couples were in toxic relationships. So, if you’ve grown up loving Rahul and Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, it’s time to give up on them and move on to woke, non-toxic couples.

Mudit and Sugandha of Shubh Mangal Saavdhan

In modern times, Mudit and Sugandha’s relationship is one of the most realistic and healthy ones. They discuss their issues with each other and resolve to find solutions for them together.

Sulu and Ashok from Tumhari Sulu

Unlike most male Bollywood characters, Ashok supports Sulu in her endeavours and helps out with household work. There’s a point where his male ego kicks in but that’s due to social conditioning and the crisis at work. However, he quickly realises his mistakes, like any normal person would do, and goes back to being a supportive partner.

Aditi and Viren from Socha Na Tha

In this directorial debut of Imtiaz Ali, he explores the friendship between two very different characters who first become friends with each other and then fall in love. The healthy growth of their relationship is one of the reasons why this couple is inspirational.

Geet and Aditya from Jab We Met

The best thing about Geet and Aditya is that they don’t fall in love immediately. They take time to know each other and eventually realise that they want to be together.

Anita and Nikhil from What The Folks

In What The Folks, Anita and Nikhil share a healthy relationship where the two discuss mutual problems while maintaining the nok jhok in their marriage. Also, Anita doesn’t take any shit from Nikhil and calls him out whenever he gets whiny and starts piling on her.

Jake and Amy from Brooklyn 99

This Netflix show is very progressive, feminist, and self-aware. In it, Jake and Amy play a cute and funny couple who share great chemistry with each other. In fact, their relationship is perfect — one of the very few on-screen relationships where the girl takes a strong stand for herself.

Monica and Chandler from Friends

From best friends to legally wedded partners, Monica and Chandler’s relationship ages like fine wine in the show. They share a long-distance marriage without too many hiccups as they handle every situation maturely.

Jim and Pam from The Office

These two are perfect for each other as they are super supportive and don’t shy away from expressing their emotions. They also accept each other’s flaws like any good couple should.

Cam and Mitch from Modern Family

What makes this couple good is that they have their set of problems but they work through them. And that’s exactly how an ideal couple should be, right? Going through life one problem at a time.

Jane and Michael from Jane The Virgin

This is perhaps one of the best on-screen couples out there. They work very hard to build their relationship and try their best to sustain it in a healthy way. One of the reasons why this relationship stands out it because the show is very woke.

Which one of these couples do you like the best?