Only A True Fan Can Win The Gold In This Ultimate 'Chak De! India' Quiz

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It may not take 70 minutes to finish this quiz, but for fans of the film, yeh aapki zindagi ki sabse khaas quiz hai. So let the game begin: 

1. What position did Kabir Khan play from, in the Indian men's hockey team?

2. After how many years did Kabir Khan return to hockey, as a coach for the Indian women's hockey team?

3. Preeti Sabharwal was late for the registration of the Indian women's hockey team. What was the reporting time?

4. What is the name of Preeti's fiancĂ© and what position does he occupy in Indian men's cricket team:

5. Which state does Komal Chautala qualify from?

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6. Who is made captain of the Indian women's hockey team?

7. In order to qualify for the world cup, the women's national team competes against the men's national team. What is the final result of the match? 

8. Where does Kabir Khan take the team for lunch, after he is asked to resign as the coach?

9. Which two players manage to break Korea's 'man to man' marking?

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10. Who says the dialogue, "marr ke aaenge, lekin haar ke nahi aaenge"?

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11. How many penalty shootouts does India miss in the final match against Australia?

12. Which of the following statement about the film is not true?

Time to see what you've scored. 


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