Unless You Score More Than 5 In This Family Man Quiz, You're Not Ready For The New Season

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Let's admit it, we're all counting the days till the second season of The Family Man begins streaming on Amazon Prime Video. But, the question is, do you actually remember season 1 all that well? Then let's see you ace this quiz: 

1. What's the name of the department Srikant works with? 

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2. The scene that birthed a hundred memes! Srikant claims the man he is chasing is a thief who has stolen something valuable from him. What item does he say has been stolen? 

3. Complete this dialogue from the show: "Privacy is a myth, just like ___. "

4. Srikant's cheeky AF son, Atharv, finds his gun in the house. What does Atharv demand from Srikant to keep this information a secret?

5. Where do Suchi and Arvind head to, for a conference?

6. How does Moosa die? 

7. Name this character: 

8. What is the name of the mission that Srikant and his team are trying to thwart?

9. Moosa plans a chemical gas explosion. Which city is at the centre of the attack?

10. Which instrument is Atharv learning to play?

Time for the results! 


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