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Take This Quiz To Find Out How High Is Your 'IQ'. We Mean 'Internet Quotient'

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Before the age of social media began, we had scholars. Today, we have scrollers - people who can switch between social media apps quicker than desi parents switch between insults. And if you think you're an ace scroller, then just like how everything in the world was once cake, this quiz too, would be a piece of cake for you -

1. Where did the viral hand emoji challenge first originate?

2. What is the name of the musician who created the viral track, 'woh rashi thi'? 

3. How many times did Arnab say, "drug do" during his prime-time 'debate'?

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4. Who is the musician appearing in this meme? 

5. Remember when Pooja was asked, 'What is this behavior?". Which season of Bigg Boss did this happen in?

6. Amrish Puri dressed as a snake charmer in a film and gave birth to the legendary 'aao kabhi haveli pe' meme. What film was it?

7. Who 'advises' Gopi bahu to wash the laptop?

8. What song was the viral 'kiki challenge' based on?

9. Priya Varrier winked her way to social media fame. But what film was she shooting for, when the video first appeared?

10. What is the first line of the viral song, Why This Kolaveri Di?

11. Whose record did the 'egg' break to become the most-liked image on Instagram?

12. Which two countries were playing against each other when this random uncle's disappointed stance went viral?

13. Which of the following names became one of the most common comments on posts on almost all social media channels?

14. Which of the following is not a song by Taher Shah?

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15. Where was the famous 'paragliding video' shot?

So, how's your IQ?


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