Have you ever found yourself sobbing in the corner after your favourite show decided to kill a character you were falling in love with? We know how you feel. 

Bring out the tissues, because here is our list of TV character deaths that left us weeping. 

1. Dr. Alexei, Stranger Things

Dr. Alexei and his iconic slurpy left us a little too soon in the third season of this show and we’ll never forget him. 


2. Jack Pearson, This Is Us

He died a hero, after saving everyone he could from the house fire, and it’s safe to say that we all bawled our eyes out. 

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3. Red Wedding, Game Of Thrones

We had barely gotten a good look at the characters before a huge chunk of them were killed off at the red wedding, Robb Stark’s death hit us the hardest though. 

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4. Hodor, Game Of Thrones

Just when we’d finally understood where his name had come from, this loveable giant sacrificed himself. 


5. Walter White, Breaking Bad

We all knew it was going to happen, but we still couldn’t prepare ourselves for the death of Walter White. 

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6. Fred Andrews, Riverdale

The tragic death of Luke Perry in real-life led to the Riverdale makers making the decision to end the character on the show. It was truly heartbreaking to watch, since the cast was actually mourning the loss of a co-actor. 


7. Katekar, Sacred Games

Katekar was the Robin to Sartaj’s Batman and they definitely went down as one of the strongest friendships in Indian web series history. 


8. Tommy Kinkle, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Though Tommy’s character wasn’t a part of the original comics, he perfectly played the part of a protective older brother. He died twice in the series and we were left in tears on both accounts. 

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9. Finn Hudson, Glee

Soon after the passing of the actor who portrayed the role of Finn, Cory Monteith, his character was killed on-screen. The cast of Glee was obviously devastated and this episode broke every fan’s heart. 

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10. Rizwan Chaudhary, Leila

We were so glad to finally get a glimpse of Rahul Khanna on-screen again, only to have him unceremoniously killed in the first episode? Nobody deserves that. 


11. River Barkley, The Politician

River’s suicide in the show was too much for most of us to take, and Payton Hobart aka Ben Platt’s song for him only made made it worse. 

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12. Nairobi, Money Heist 

One of the most recent and heartbreaking deaths on the show, Nairobi being killed had us screaming at the screen for revenge. 

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13. Martha Nielsen, Dark

Her death formed the perfect cliffhanger for the season 1 of this show and even though she still exists in the other worlds, we miss her. 

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14. Soundarya, Aarya 

Despite the fact that many of the characters in this show didn’t live very long, Soundarya’s death was quite a shock. She was the perfect sister and did everything she could to keep her family safe. 


15. Andrea Cantillo, Breaking Bad 

She was Jesse’s second girlfriend to have died just a gruesome death. Nobody expected it to happen, and it wasn’t in any way easy to get over her being shot. 


16. Ria, Asur

This fast-paced thriller is one of the finest Indian web series we’ve seen. The show kept you hooked till the end, and Nikhil choosing to sacrifice his daughter in the last episode was unexpected. 


17. Kukoo, Sacred Games

Kukoo’s character gave the storyline direction and her suicide was a turning point for the series, one that we weren’t prepared for. 

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18. Jim Hopper, Stranger Things

We all lost our minds over the death of this wonderful character at the end of season 3. And though we have caught a glimpse of Jim in the season 4 trailer, we’re not quite sure if he’s alive or not. 


19. Frank Dunphy, Modern Family 

As the show came to an end, we bid goodbye to Frank who died of old age. He was the reason behind Phil’s incredible zest for life and we’ll forever cherish him as a brilliant character. 


Which character do you miss the most?