As we all know, Orry, AKA Orhan Awatramani, the mystery face we’ve been seeing with almost every Bollywood celebrity, has become quite the sensation in our country. It began with fans wondering who he is, and how he is always invited to every celeb party. And now, the janta wants to know what Orry does. Because, how does he know all these famous people? Did they meet because of work? It’s a valid question y’know?

While the Google search engine says he’s a social activist, according to some who have dug through the recently-risen-to-fame-influencer’s LinkedIn, he has worked with Reliance as well.

Orhan Awatramani
Credit: Google

But besides this, in a recent comment, Orry has described more of what he does, and what his aspirations have been. And as the internet does, they’ve taken his words and expressed some interesting opinions. Here’s a tweet by @niquotein that has posted Awatramani’s explanation.

And here’s how people have responded to the piece of information, take a look:

May god bless us all with such generational wealth. Us worker bees need some respite too!