Money Heist, the popular web-series became a worldwide hit. 

And naturally, once something becomes so popular so fast, they are bound to be copied or re-made. But, none of us imagined that there would be a Pakistani rip-off of the show. 


Yeah, surprised? Titled '50 Crores' the Pakistani version of the show stars A-lister celebrities and is already in the making.

In fact, the teaser is already out. Pakistani actor Aijaz Aslam shared the teaser of the upcoming film on his social media handle. And, it looks like the teaser also has some uncanny resemblances to the popular Netflix series which is just hard to ignore and the internet agrees too. 

More than anything, the teaser started a meme fest on social media as people started calling it a blatant ‘copy’ of Money Heist. While some mocked the makers of the film for its resemblance to the popular Spanish series, others joked about how the film would turn out to be. 

A photoshoot of the show also went viral and it bears striking similarities to the original series. For example, the star cast is posing with mug-shots that named them after Pakistani cities like Raza as Lalamusa and Aly as Sahiwal. Coincidence? I guess not. 


Anyways, ciao for now!