TVF’s most-loved comedy-drama Panchayat S2 was never centered around a single protagonist; rather, the story was dispensed evenly amongst all the Phulera-waasi. 

Every character had their own relevance and was afforded the screen time they deserved. This brings me to the highlight of the 3rd episode called Kranti who is none other than *drumrolls* Vinod.

Albeit being categorised as a supporting actor, Ashok Pathak AKA Vinod, with his compelling acting, instinctively connected us to his character.

The new season’s narrative introduced us to Pradhanji’s emerging political rival Bhushan. Bhushan spared no effort to reverse the political tide in Phulera, using Vinod as a pawn.

In an interview, the actor revealed that he was hesitant to audition for Panchayat 2 because he was tired of playing blink-and-miss roles.

Ashok has been acting professionally for 11 years. The film Bittoo Boss launched this Panchayat actor’s career. He auditioned for Panchayat without any expectations while filming Arya, a thriller-drama starring Sushmita Sen.

He had no idea he would be chosen and that his role would bring him the recognition which was long due. 

In his life, Ashok has had many ups and downs. His family moved from Bihar to Haryana for employment, and they were in good financial shape. He began selling cotton while he was in Class 10 to support the family. 

He used to ride his bicycle around selling cotton. His father’s financial situation had improved by the time he was in Class 12. He started into theatre in college and has been acting ever since. 

Ashok Pathak may have arrived in Mumbai 11 years ago with only Rs 40,000 in his pocket. But, thanks to numerous small roles in films and television series, he now has a one-room kitchen flat in Mumbai.

Having said that, we must not forget the ruckus he created in the khet that had our BP soaring high! 

We’re excited to see more of his characters on the big screen.