Panchayat Season 2 has created the kind of stir that is almost rare. With the new season, we witnessed a stronger storyline and more refined characters. The show is definitely an interesting watch, which has left us with a lot of warmth. At this point, the internet is filled with people pouring in love for Panchayat

And this Twitter user’s observation about characters with least screen time, leaving us with important lessons is spot on.

These characters have an important arc in the series, even if it meant a lesser screen-time. Rahul, who served in the Indian Army left us thinking about life and the need to appreciate each moment. With his loss, we also understood that time is too fragile and we never know of what might happen next – which is why it is important to live to the fullest. 

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On the other hand, the dancer from Bibipur schooled Abhishek on the need to respect all professions. She also pointed how people end up doing things that they may not like, only to be able to do something that they dream of. Most of us are on our journeys to achieve something that we want, and it can even get tough.

Lastly, the drunk driver is shown in an episode, where the panchayat is trying to raise awareness on safe consumption of alcohol. With few dialogues and little context, he talks about how we all want a life where we can fulfill our needs, and even that of our family’s. This need comes out of the constant validation that we all crave for. And, the fact that wanting things out of life is real and normal.

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These lessons hold a lot of meaning, and the reactions to the Tweet say it all.

These characters made an impact and taught us something honest and real about life.