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1. This guy who probably scarred his kid for life.

2. The parents who send their kids to this school.

3. The people who thought this up.

4. This kid’s parents. “Hey kid, you found my cigarettes! It’s photo time.”

5. Parents, you’re doing it wrong.

6. The parents who think their kids are luggage.

7. “Hey honey, look at what I caught. Sure looks tasty.”

8. “Mom, what are you doing? Mom, stahp…”

9. For lunch, here’s some Daal, Roti and Baby.

10. He’s probably some MTV Roadies contestant’s kid.

11. I think he forgot how to parent.

12. Lil Wayne ain’t got nothin on me. I’m Chhota Khap bitches.

13. Parenting Fail Level: Master