When do you generally see your landlord? On (rent) payday, or when they come for casual visits (read: inspections), or there’s a complaint against you in the society for partying too hard and blasting loud music? Or maybe you see him on Shark Tank India if you live in Bengaluru.

In peak Bengaluru moment, a guy who hadn’t seen his landlord for a while chanced on him on – wait for it – Shark Tank India season 2!

The landlord is none other than Ganesh Balakrishnan, founder of Flatheads, who appeared on episode 5 of Shark Tank India season 2. If you haven’t watched that episode, go ahead, it’s worth watching.

Anywho, netizens were surprised to know this as, after his pitch on the show, people have developed a soft corner for him. Here’s how people react.

The founder/landlord himself shared the post accepting that it was indeed a peak Bengaluru moment.

It’s obvious that some people will know the entrepreneurs appearing on the show, but it’s also true that it’s good to see the people you somewhat know appear on national television in a show like Shark Tank India, working towards their entrepreneurial dreams.

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