Change is always scary. As I was watching Sharmaji Namkeen the other day, I couldn’t help but think how things must feel after retirement. It certainly feels like a roller coaster – to stop doing something that has remained a huge part of one’s life. You’re doing your job, following the same routine for years and one fine day, it all changes. 

And, when parents retire – that also brings up a lot of emotions and even adjustments at times. We see them trying to start a new life when they’ve been set in their ways for so long. But, watching them pick up new interests or even personalities can be fun. 

People share how their parents adjusted to the life after retirement, and it’s both sweet and overwhelming: 

1. “My dad converted my old room into a small workshop to build RC planes. I sleep in the living room when I go back home.”


2. “Mom chills out with her sisters and friends. They all randomly pester me to get married.

Dad gets annoyed when the above lot comes to visit. He calls it an ‘invasion’.

They both watch a lot of TV.”

3. “My dad is doing all the stuff that he wanted to do post-retirement. He never had a serious vacation ever, for the past two years he has been everywhere, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, some parts of Europe. Now he is teaching social work for IGNOU and preparing and presenting papers on social welfare. I am happy for him. I am proud of him.”

4. “Trying to fix marriages for the known… and the unknown.”

5. “They spend their whole day doing what they love to do. They love to maintain their own house. They go for trips at least twice a year. And most importantly they are smartphone addicts, like very active on WhatsApp and Facebook.”

6. “My father interferes in my business. My mother tries to feed me all the time.”

7. “My retired dad keeps himself busy with cows.”

8. “My dad is quite happy with watching TV and browsing FB all day :D.”

9. “Retirement anxiety is truly a thing, I’ve discovered as my dad is approaching his retirement. He keeps worrying and talking about what he’ll do after retirement. Sadly he hasn’t developed many hobbies. He has expressed interest in gardening and starting a microgreens business. I’ll try helping him on that too.”

10. “My dad reads all newspapers for 5 hours, starting 6 AM. Tries to read all Vedas and such. Solves every puzzle/ crossword/ sudoku in every paper. Watches cricket/ tennis. Takes care of my sister’s kids and helps with their homework. Chilled out guy.”

– thuglaq

It all comes down to watching our parents find newer versions of themselves, while they forward another text on the family group.