When it comes to romantic relationships, there is a whole lot of information out there about red flags that we should be looking out for. But no one is really talking about the orange flags. Personality traits in people that are annoying, but not necessarily indicative of abuse or toxicity.
So, we simply had to share this insightful Reddit thread we came across where people have shared their partners’ orange flags.

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Here, take a look for yourself, and read on:

1. “My partner is quite forgetful and often excitedly tells me funny stories that happened to him or things he is looking forward to three or four times about.

Ironically he has also told me a story multiple times, in which one of his closest friends was listening patiently while my SO was talking. Where my SO stopped to ask him, “Wait, have I told you this already?” and his friend said, “Yes, but I’d love for you to tell me again!” So wholesome.”


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2. “My partner frequently talks over me when he’s in the zone with whatever he’s talking about … mostly it’s fine and sometimes cute but other times I’m like ‘Please!.'”


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3. “My partner cleans his teeth really loudly with his tongue. It annoys the hell out of me, but I love him anyways. If any other person did this around me I would slap them.”


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4. “Putting things in the dishwasher incorrectly. My boyfriend puts small plates on the top rack. It’s practically a crime against humanity in my opinion.


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5. “When we were dating, he tried to marinate a whole chicken in Gatorade.


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6. “Being gullible. Kind of cute, despite it occasionally getting on your nerves!


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7. “An orange flag that a partner can have is being super clingy and always wanting to be around you. It’s more funny than genuinely problematic, but it can definitely get annoying.”


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8. “He likes to cook but sometimes his choice of ingredients can be…interesting. He calls it cooking, I call it experimenting.”


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9. “Not liking cheese.”


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10. “My partner leaves a trail so I can always find him. First one shoe. A few feet away, the other shoe. A little further, I’ll find the first sock. Finally, I’ll see the last sock, and BINGO! There he is! I keep trying to see what his process is when he does this, but he always reaches home from work before me.”


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11. “Mine would be if he presses “Skip intro,” on the very first episode.”


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12. “SO puts stuff away. Great. SO puts stuff away in weird places. Not so great.”


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Now, I’ll be thinking about my own orange flags too.