We’ve heard about people having strong opinions and feelings about pilot episodes, but what about how shows end? Well, in this Reddit thread, people have discussed English shows they think had the worst finale. Care to take a look?

1. “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. IIRC, I literally said ‘That’s fucking bullshit’ during the last episode.”


2. “Star Trek: Enterprise. ‘Hey let’s make the last episode a holodeck episode about two characters that aren’t even in the show! Then for the coup de grace we can needlessly kill someone off randomly.’”


3. “Pretty Little Liars, I am still so mad at how bad the ending of that show was.”


4. “Killing Eve.


5. “I mean, Game of Thrones definitely shat the bed. The writers admitted to half-assing it and it really blows to see so many people’s work go up in flames because two egomaniacs decided the hottest show in the world was suddenly beneath them.

Gotta mention How I Met Your Mother as well. We were shown over and over again that Ted and Robin wouldn’t work, yet here we are. I really loved the idea of Barney & Robin being a happy, child-free couple too, that concept is so rare. They had a setup for something really satisfying and decided not to stay with it.”


6. “The finale of Seinfeld was poorly done too, but because it was a sitcom, the bad finale didn’t change the way that you watch the earlier episodes. Because GoT is serialized, it’s hard to watch the early seasons that set up great characters and complex personalities knowing that they’re going to be reduced to parodies of themselves in the end.”


7. “Scrubs. Ended on a great high note with a goodbye to the main cast and crew, only to be brought back for a ‘final season’ as a crappy spinoff disguised as Scrubs.”


8. “Dexter…twice.”


9. “True Blood.


10. “Penny Dreadful.”


11. “Good Girls, it was offensively bad.


12. “Supernatural. Spoken with my whole chest, they managed to turn a rocky pilot into several successful seasons, only to pivot right into the ground. At least the car went to heaven.”


Which of these do you agree with?