Content is everywhere, and since we have a lot of it, filmmakers get creative in the most bizarre ways. Because, you gotta keep it fresh, even if it doesn’t make sense. Shamshera has the newest addition to the list of the weirdest scenes in Bollywood history. It’s supposed to make you go ‘WTF’, so do not find logic. 

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There’s a fight sequence in the final scenes of the film, and while our hero is busy fighting, the ‘heroine’ is standing with a baby, screaming for (or at) him. That’s also pretty much what Vaani Kapoor’s character got to do on-screen. But this isn’t what it’s about. It’s about the baby in her arms, who was so unimportant to the director that they didn’t even buy a doll to represent him. 

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A Twitter user shared the scene, and we cannot not notice ‘what’ portrays Shamshera and Sona’s child. It’s literally a cloth folded, like a baby is wrapped in it. Because who cares about the head, arms, legs and basically an entire character, when we’ve got Ranbir Kapoor fighting Sanjay Dutt, right? 

I do like Vaani’s conviction of treating a cloth that’s just flailing around, like a child, now that’s acting. But, this makes two people who were objectified in the film – Vaani and the baby (as cloth). 

Twitter has a lot to say, and we understand the urge. 

When you spend the entire budget in casting Ranbir Kapoor (in a double role), so you can’t buy a baby sized toy.