All of us have certain TV shows that we dislike, despite the world hailing them as the best show in the world. Quite often, everyone recommends (especially Netflix) certain shows and waits for you, with bated breath, for you to be obsessed with it too. Sometimes, they’re good, other times they’re overrated.

Here are 11 people discussing the most overrated shows of all time.

  1. Stranger Things

Netflix’s golden child, Stranger Things, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Although season 1 had its own charm and beauty, a decent chunk of fans feels like the following seasons did not live up to the mark.

Netflix Stranger Things
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A number of people agreed with the opinion that the show eventually fell into its own trap of being “too iconic”.

2. Game of Thrones

Once celebrated as the greatest show of all time, Game of Thrones fell from grace quite badly. No other show had a journey like this one. It started with hysterical fanfare for years, only for the last season to crumble in a few months.

Game of Thrones
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The opinion is not unpopular. Most fans agree with the take that the show should have stuck to the books and the books should have been released faster.

3. The Good Doctor

Although usually known to be an enjoyable and wholesome medical drama, The Good Doctor is not appreciated among disabled people.

The Good Doctor
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Many people have discussed how the show does not do justice to the actual experience of being a disabled or mentally challenged person in the real world and in complicated professions.

4. Two And A Half Men

Originally starring Charlie Sheen, Two And A Half Men started on a high note and stayed on that. However, toward the end of Sheen’s tenure, the show started losing fans quickly. He was replaced for inappropriate public behavior and unsafe private behavior.

Two And A Half Men
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Fans agree that the show completely lost all support after Sheen was replaced by Ashton Kutcher, killing the original character off-screen and unceremoniously.

5. Euphoria

Meant to be a show about and for teenagers, Euphoria has a lot of flaws. The show has received criticism for being an older white man’s gaze of addiction, gender dysphoria, fat bodies, sexuality and the Gen-Z experience.

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Many people are uncomfortable watching Euphoria, especially after its second season. The show has been critiqued for glamourizing abusive relationships and drug abuse, while over-sexualizing characters like Cassie, who are meant to be high schoolers.

6. Riverdale

Riverdale is…well…a show. It prominently has an audience that watches it only with the intention of hate-watching. It is famous on the internet for being ridiculous and making little to no sense. The actor themselves don’t seem to enjoy it.

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The teenage characters have gone from simply solving murders to being oversexualized superheroes as adults. Even the timeline is unclear to not only the fans but also the creators.

7. Full House and Fuller House

Full House is a product of its time which did not age well in the sequel, Fuller House. Many fans have also not enjoyed rewatching the show. Clearly, it was a product of its time.

Full house
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The entire era of TV was full of family shows that struggle, come together, and sort it out by the end of the episode. Similar shows were Home Improvement, Everybody Loves Raymond, Roseanne, etc.


Okay…okay…calm down, hear us out. Friends is not a bad show. It has its critiques of homophobia, transphobia, and lack of representation. However, it is a product of its time that is popular for good reason.

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However, many people are of the opinion that the show was and is overhyped, especially with the laughter tracks. It is a good show but it is not the best show in the history of television.

On that note, Days Of Our Lives was enjoyable.

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9. Scrubs

It was an average enjoyable show that does not stack up to its competition now.

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The critiques range from absolute adoration to absolute hatred towards some of the lead characters.

10. Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory has been critiqued for its racism and some of the comedy that did not age well. Raj Koothrappali is the bane of every brown person’s existence because he is such a stereotype being hailed as a representation.

The Big bang theory, TV Shows
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Other times, people criticize the show for shielding Sheldon as a misunderstood genius. However, if you remove the obnoxious laugh track, he is a bit of a bully sometimes.

11. The Cosby Show

Although it is also a product of its time, The Cosby Show could have been a great show in a nostalgic light.

The Cosby Show
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However, Bill Cosby’s criminal and inappropriate conduct ruined the show and the hard work of many people. Although losing nostalgia for a show is not a huge price to pay to cancel a predator, the show could have been more successful.

Some shows are not for everyone despite how much you love them. However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy them. So, go ahead, and binge your favorite show!

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