The world, but especially India, is suffering from a serious and chronic case of not letting women do their thing.

The recent proof of the same are the comments on pictures of Alia Bhatt that call her out for not wearing sindoor or other “markers” of marriage.

While many people appreciated her, there were also others who could not get over the fact that she was not wearing choodiyan and that she looked “ordinary”.  

What people need to understand is that no woman is obligated to dress the way they want her to. Plus, where do these regressive ideas of how a married woman should look like come from, anyway?

It’s 2022, and we do not need to prove our marital status to anyone. If a woman wants to wear indoor, and bangles, that is totally her choice, but if she does not want to do that, that is also a totally acceptable decision. 

But people somehow can not get over either of them. Not too long ago, Katrina Kaif’s Instagram was filled with comments categorically stating how great she looked with a mangalsutra

This whole thing is highly sexist and needs to be done away with.