2020 began with a January that lasted for a century and a February that reminded me, every second of every day, that Noah Centineo aka Peter Kavinsky will be returning to my life soon. 

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And finally, the sequel to To All The Boys I Loved Before is available. 

*Honestly, can this day go by any faster!*

When the first film ended, I was shocked that Lara-Jean's perfect love story had a new obstacle, the mysterious John Ambrose. When the trailers for the sequel appeared, I was excited that finally, Lara and Peter will have the first date they deserved.  

To All The Boys 2
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But now that the movie is available, I can't get Kavinsky's not-so-innocent smirk out of my head. And while I pledge eternal devotion to him, I have to admit, Ambrose has me curious AF. 

Ambrose & Lara Jean
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Pretty sure I am not the only one feeling this way. This explains why Netflix took pity on our poor hearts and decided that To All the Boys I've Loved Before will be available to everyone for free. Yes, even to the people who have not signed up on Netflix and are not-so-secretly relying on their friends' account(s). 

I, for one, am all set to catch up on the first film, again. And I am also working on possible strategies that allow me to escape early from work and catch Kavinsky in action. 

To All The Boys 2
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Because Netflix may have given me a fair share of Noah Centineo with movies like The Perfect Date, Swiped, and others, but ultimately, it's Peter Kavinsky who first stole my heart.