Now that we’re done watching To All The Boys: Forever and Always and finally found the adorable end to Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky’s relationship, we have one question that totally did not make any sense in the movie?    

How the hell did Peter end up at Stanford in the first place?      

Yeah, sure! They did vaguely mention in the movie that Peter is a stellar lacrosse player and he got in through scholarship. But did any of the three movies EVER show him “actually playing” lacrosse? And who the hell ever got a scholarship for playing a dead sport like lacrosse?    

Chuck that! College admissions with sports quota at an Indian college literally take months and this Kavinsky boy got into a world-renowned Ivy League college before it even properly opened the admissions process?    

Matlab kya jugaad lagaya isne? Aur humein kyun nahi bataya movie mein?   

Fine, let’s just believe that he is a pretty talented sportsperson and he did get in through scholarship. But even with a sports quota, it is unbelievably hard to get into an Ivy League if the SAT score is not above average.     

Heard of SAT, Peter? Scholastic Aptitude Test? Something that literally is the most important exam of your life that actually is the only means to get into a good college?   

For anyone who has prepared for an SAT (which is mandatory for every senior year kid in the US) would know how damn tough it is and the gazillion hours of preparation it needs.     

So, the question here is – did anyone at all see Peter studying in any of the three movies? Chuck that, did anyone even see him near a book? I mean, his way of being near books was to take his girlfriend (who BTW was a bright student) to visit a damn library. 

Peter getting into Stanford was like Lucky from Main Hoon Na getting into IIT. Which can only mean one thing. Peter secretly is a Sharma Ji ka beta. There’s no other explanation.     

Well, but it’s not just us who are baffled with this jock getting into THE most prestigious college in the world, netizens were quite amused as well. 

How do these good looking jocks in rom-coms end up in a reputed college will always be a mystery to us. But hey, good looks, ammirite?