Piyush Mishra.

Writer. Poet. Music director. Lyricist. Singer. Playwright.

There is nothing that this man can not do. Whether it is his goosebumps-inducing song Husna, or his powerhouse of a narrative in Gangs Of Wasseypur, his performance as the crazy baba in Tamasha, or his father act in the short film, The Homecoming, there is absolutely nothing that this man cannot do. 

But our favourite role that he plays will always be that of a poet. His poems are just like him –  raw, honest and profound. 

In this session at Hindu College (last year), Mishra talks about alcoholism and hits the nail, right on the head. Listen to him talk about alcoholism in his own sweet way in this Barclet Production here: 

“Jisko samjhe ho tum mazaak, wo dard kabhi ban jaega…

Fir dard ki aadat parh jaegi, arz na kuch kar paoge.”