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Plan Your Weekend And We’ll Tell You What Shows You Can Watch Tonight!

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Guys!! Monday blues can actually go on till Friday! Between juggling work calls and household chores all week, we can't help but constantly yearn for a lazy AF weekend in our comfiest PJs. Trust me, the feeling's mutual when it comes to the agonizingly long wait for the weekend.

TBH, all we need is an escape into the world of movies and shows to let go of our weekday woes. And that's what Amazon Prime Video is here for! You can choose from a multitude of shows and movies — ranging from action, comedy, and documentaries to crime, romance, and edge-of-the-seat thrillers. But when there is so much choice, you can't help but be overwhelmed. Don't worry, we've got your back! Gone are the days of wondering what to watch while your food turns cold. 

Go on and tell us what your weekend looks like and we'll give you some super fun mood-based show recommendations! 

  Pick Your Sunday Morning Breakfast

 What’s The Only ‘Work' You Have On The Weekend Agenda?  

  What Will You Do To Unwind? 

Pick A Weekend Groove 

Your Boss Calls You For Some Super Urgent Work That’s Come Up. How Do You Feel? 

Your Friends Are Bored And Want To Do Something Fun Together! What Do You Have In mind?  

What Are Your Weekend Workout Plans? 

You Accidentally Burnt Your Dinner. What’s Your Reaction?  

What Does Your Upcoming Week Look Like?  


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