Om Raut’s Adipurush was released recently, and let’s just say the audience’s response to its dialogues isn’t too great. The Kriti Sanon, Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan starrer has been getting some despondent reviews as far as the VFX and dialogues are concerned.

Credit: DailyO

This is why we’ve gone ahead and created a list of fill-in-the-blanks for the movie’s dialogues. But, this time around, you can expect some commentary, and opinions from us too. Here, take a look:

1. “Aap khud apne kaal ke liye _______ bichha rahe hain bhaiya.”

A) Kaleen

B) Red carpet

C) Jaal

Kaleen, option A). I feel like we’re being given very nice advice here but in the strangest, most confusing way possible. Because, yes we shouldn’t self-sabotage, but how can we understand not to do this when they’re calling it “Kaleen.”

2.”Ye teri bua ka _______ hai jo hawaa khaane chale ayaa.”

A) Verandah

B) Bageecha

C) Fan

B) Bageecha, this movie really went the extra mile with the bachpan-ki-gaaliyaan. All the dialogues remind me of how us desi kids used to fight in school, the abuses we’d hurl back then.

3. “Mere ek sapole ne tumhare iss ______ _______ ko lamba kar dia, abhi toh pura pitaraa bharaa padaa hua hai.”

A) Baal

B) Vichaar

C) Sesh Naag

What makes this one special is that it’s really giving that high-school joke vibe, and kind of grosses you out all at once. Full entertainment guys; the answer is C) Sesh Naag, BTW.

4. “Yeh toh _________ hai, galti ho gayi hum se, baaki se madad mangni thi.”

A) Badhaa toing

B) Pheesadi

C) Badhaa stud

B) Pheesadi. Folks, what am I saying? If these aren’t the most school-time phrases to say, I don’t know what is.

5. “Bohot shubh yatrayein dekhli humne, ab ______ yatra dekhne ki baari hai.”

A) Shav

B) Shiv

C) Ashubh

It’s A) Shav. What a way to tell the audience that the battle is on! That things are getting serious.

6. “Apni jaan se _______ dhoyega. Haath nahi, main Thakde ko hi dhounga .”

A) Kapde

B) Haath

C) Bartan

This is reminding me of all the intense, but also, sometimes juvenile dialogues we’d read in Indian comic strips. It’s B) Haath, just by the way.

7. “Jali na? Abhi toh aur ______. Jiski jalti hai wahi jaanta hai.”

A) Banegi

B) Jalegi

C) Saheli

It’s B) Jalegi. Yep. Because apparently, the makers of Adipurush wanted us to understand how empathy works.

8. “Kapda tere baap ka, tel tere baap ka, jalegi bhi tere _______ki “

A) Dad


C) Baap

The answer is C) Baap. This was actually a general knowledge subliminal. Adipurush writers wanted us to know what most desi folks’ like to say to insult people.

9. “Aur koi kaam nahi bachaa? ________ pakadne lagaa.”

A) Teer

B) Pedh

C) Bandar

See, by now you are probably coming to understand why these answers are so obvious, because we’re here to ask deeper questions; Like why in the world was Lankesh even saying something so petty? So much for the evil-king image he was supposed to have.

10. Jo humari behno ko hath lagaaenge, unki _______lagaa denge.

A) Vaat

B) Lanka

C) Rakhee

Yes, you got that right, it’s B) Lanka. I have to say, what makes this dialogue so terrible is not only the fact that it’s really not as cool as the makers wanted it to be, but also that it’s so, so, so sexist. Give us a break.

Hope you enjoyed playing this game with us as much as we did writing it out for you!