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Play 'Dhiktana, Dhiktana' And Take This Ultimate 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!' Quiz

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Hum Aapke Hain Koun proved, once and for all, that dogs are better messengers than kabootars. So, it's time to prove your love for Tuffy, and take this quiz: 

1. Where do Kailash Nath and Sidharth Chaudhary meet again, after college?

2. Who is Nisha impersonating, when Prem sees her for the first time?

3. Rita cooks halwa for Prem but messes up a key ingredient. What is that ingredient?

4. Pick the right order, from the start to the end, in which the following four songs appear in the film: 

5. Nisha plans a 'special seat' for Prem and his friends when they arrive for the wedding. What's so special about the seat? 

6. During the family night of passing the parcel, Prof. Sidharth Chaudhary enacts a famous Hindi movie scene. What is the scene?

7. Everyone knows that stairs were the real villain in the film. But, the question is, how many steps were on that staircase?

8. What roles does Tuffy play in the family cricket match?

9. Select the words that will complete the song: 
Chocolate ___, ___,  toffeeyan 
Pehle jaise ab mere shauk hain kahan  

10. After discovering that Nisha and Prem like each other, Pooja gives an item as a token of blessing to Nisha. What is the item?

11. What do Prem and Nisha break during the joota-chupai ceremony?

12. And lastly, which ceremony does Prem try to crash?

Answer do, score lo! 


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