We all love ourselves some entertainment. Sometimes, so much so, that we talk in the accent of our favourite characters from the last TV shows or movies we watched. That said, have you ever wondered that you only like these characters because they aren’t real? If they were, you wouldn’t touch them with a 10 ft pole. 

1. Billy Butcher

Even his best friends find it difficult to be around him. Also, being around Butcher would mean a nice little target painted right on your face. 

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2. Guddu & Bablu Pandit

The brothers might have been the heroes of Mirzapur but if you are someone living in the city, you don’t want gangsters hopped on steroids with guns running your neighbourhood, would you? 

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3. Rancho 

Because it was movie, everything worked out in the end. Imagine, if it hadn’t? Raju would have wasted all his family’s money getting wasted in college. What if Farhan’s photography things hadn’t worked out? Rancho did all he wanted because he wasn’t worried about results, but the other two, they had their whole lives depending on it. 


4. Geet

There have been generations of people designing their whole personalities on this character from Jab We Met. But think about it? Why would you want to be friends with this person? She runs away from home all the time. And, OMG! So much drama. It worked out for Aditya because they fell in love. Pretty much everybody else was royally screwed. 

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5. Loki

No. This man has literally stabbed his brother a million times. You don’t want him as a friend. It’s really cool that he found love or whatever but I really wouldn’t want to wake up and find out I somehow helped him destroy the world. 

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6. Ted Mosby

Oh, come on. You would exchange him for Barney in a heartbeat. Not that, that would be a great choice but Ted is just so much worse. He will lie to his kids about you, tell exaggerated stories to make himself look good and will keep on moaning about some girl or other all the time. 

The Daily Beast

7. Ross Geller

Ross was horrible to Monica as a kid. He is the least reliable of all 6 of them. And even though he has a lot of redeeming features, he would mostly be a pain in the ass by being a know-it-all and if you’re a woman, he will probably end up marrying and divorcing you at some point. 

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8. Bunty

Gunda hai bhai wo! Don hai wo, murder karta hai. Why would you want to be friends with any character from Sacred Games? What is wrong with you? 


9. Jhatu 

This dude from Hostel Daze is the guy your parents warned you about. If you are friends with this guy in college or hostel, chances are you are about to get uberboned sooner or later. You might have a really good time doing creepy shit but that’s all there is to this friendship. 

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10. Rahul Khanna

The dude might have gotten away with marrying both the leading ladies in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai but make no mistake, he was a piece of shit. He treated Anjali like shit till she grew out her hair. This guy is Fuckboi Max Pro and you don’t want any part of this. 


11. Will Byers

This kid is cursed. If you had a friend like this in real life, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t have made it out alive of your teenage years. 

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12. Shyam

Everyone has issues in their poor little lives but nobody cries about it as much as this dude. He will be a part of every illegal activity you can think of but will give you unnecessary gyaan about it. 

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Thanks but I would rather die alone than be buddies with any of these people. At least my death will be peaceful and uneventful like it should be.