The toxicity of the social media world becomes bearable only cos of the GOOD CONTENT, resembling fireflies in the darkness. These days, influencers and digital creators are churning out some really insightful, funny, and entertaining content for millions of virtual audiences, making social media truly fun and useful.

Acknowledging their efforts in keeping us well-informed and entertained, here are some of our favourite content creators who made 2022 bearable.

1. Yashraj Mukhate’s Beats

From RASODA to PAWRY, most of Yashraj Mukhate’s quirky compositions become a part of our lingos for some time. This year, while his ‘boring day’ resonated with so many of us, the bum song gave us some sense in senselessness. Besides, the man’s vibe is solid enough to make us wanna dance to DJ Suneel’s beats.

2. Chandni Bhabhda’s Mimicry

I can hear Chandni in a podcast titled Alia Bhatt for 2 hours without doubting it’s her mimicking the actress because she’s flawless. From Alia Vatt to Marwadi mom, her content has delivered top-notch entertainment this year. And BTW, could you have imagined any better depiction of Bhatt’s role in Brahmastra than Chandni’s minute-long viral mimicry?

3. Tanya Appachu’s FYIs on Law

Digital creators can end up sparking our interests in fields we never imagined liking. Thanks to creators like Tanya Appachu, we’re becoming more aware of laws that impact our day-to-day lives in the most engaging way possible.

4. Kusha Kapila’s Truth Bombs

Kusha Kapila’s videos are blatant truth bombs dipped in humour that leave us laughing with a numb ache. The way she exposes how most of us are a mess with effed-up lives and relationships is hilarious AF.

5. Seema Anand’s Conversation Around Sex Education

Sex remains a taboo for unmarried couples in India, and proper education about it hardly exists. Creators like Seema Anand are helping break the stereotypes and burst myths around sex, making the conversation easy and fun.

Here are some more sex positive creators you should definitely follow.

6. Aishwarya Mohanraj’s Wedding

After the long-long wait and an overload of wedding content, we finally witnessed events leading up to the wedding and the THE-DAY day of Aishwarya Mohanraj and Aakash Shah. And the content the couple — and their friends — openly created out of it was hilarious, adorable, and supremely entertaining.

7. Komal Pandey’s GOLD Fashion

Komal Pandey made us fall in love with all of her looks yet another year. Her out-of-the-box ideas, fashion tips and tricks, and video bytes with Bollywood music were too much fun.

8. Ankush Bahuguna & Shibani Bedi As Desi Parents

Ankush & Shibani’s reels should become a daily soap. Their depiction of Indian parents arguing and silently stalking their daughter’s phone is hysterical and relatable AF. Here’s rooting for them to feature someone as annoyed ‘Preeenka’ in their reels. It will be EPIC!

9. Tirthak Saha’s Mini Storytime

Now, information overload has never been fun except for Tirthak Saha and his mini storytime that can make us go WTF and WOW in a minute. While many of us yawn at the idea of research, Saha makes academia look cool. His sheer brilliance and thirst for knowledge are inspiring.

10. Tanmay Bhat’s Reaction Videos

And finally, Tanmay Bhat’s reaction videos. Tell me honestly, could you have imagined your year without them? Whenever Bhat drops the reaction videos with his OG gang, our dinner’s pastime gets sorted. His main YouTube channel is like a reservoir of mindless banter with unlimited fun. The man can even make the in-between promotions look funny. He’s just the best!

This is for all the digital creators who’re making the Internet and social media a better place. Thank you. We owe you!

Who is your favourite digital content creator?