We can all collectively agree that the most we learned about sex education in school was just a rushed lesson in biology when the teacher taught ‘Reproduction’. That too was rushed and hushed. So whenever people wanted to know about sex, they either turned to one know-it-all friend, shady pages on the Internet, and of course porn – the most unreliable source of information.

Lately, Netflix’s Sex Education came as a breath of fresh air and we wished we had someone like Jean Milburn when we were young. While we cannot go back in time and change that, we compiled a list of nine creators on Instagram who make sex ed easy. Sex only has two rules – it should be consensual, and it should be safe.

1. Dr Tanaya Narendra (@drcuterus)
Trained as a gynaecologist, Dr Tanaya is also a fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health. She uses her Instagram to create reels and other detailed posts that revolve not only around sex and sex myths but also around PCOS, periods, and body positivity. With 916K followers on Instagram, her content focuses on men and women. She also creates content in Hindi to make sex ed accessible to all.

2. Leeza Mangaldas (@leezamangaldas)
With 840K followers on Instagram, Leeza’s content revolves around talking about all aspects of sex. She talks about body anatomy, sex toys, communication in bed, contraceptives, etc. She even challenges the heteronormative idea of sex, and creates content for just about everyone. She also creates content in Hindi.

3. Seema Anand (@seemaanandstorytelling)
India and Kama Sutra go hand in hand. Seema studied the Kama Shastras for twenty years and is now a writer and a sexual health educator. She focuses on breaking the myths and also talks about sex for older people (something that is hardly talked about). She has 700K followers on Instagram.

4. Apurupa Vatsalya (@inapurupriate)
For queer people, sex is completely different. That is where Apurupa comes in. Their content revolves around sexual and reproductive health and rights. They also talk about topics which are considered taboo such as polyamory, drag culture, etc. They have 18.7K followers on Instagram.

5. Karishma Swarup (@talkyounevergot)
Staying true to her username, Karishma creates awareness around sexual topics – a talk that we all should have gotten but never did. Her content revolves around the different kinds of pleasure, contraceptive use, STI, HPV vaccine, and virginity myths. She has 52.4K followers on Instagram.

6. Dr Sakshi Tickoo (@sex.love.andot)
With more than 7K followers on Instagram, Dr Sakshi is an occupational therapist and a sexuality counsellor. She talks about queer sex, non-penetrative sex, breaks BDSM myths, and even toxic forms of sex positivity.

7. Pallavi Barnwal (@coachpallavibarnwal)
As a sexuality and relationship coach, Pallavi has 51.9K followers on Instagram. Sex is one of the most powerful tools to establish intimacy between two consenting partners. Through her content, she creates awareness around topics surrounding sex, dating, sex in marriages, etc.

8. Dr Varuna Srinivasan (@drvarunasrinivasan)
With 45.7K followers on Instagram, Dr Varuna creates content which also includes queers. She creates content on topics such as virginity myths, asexuality, bisexuality, sex myths, just to name a few.


9. Agents Of Ishq (@agentsofishq)
The page started as a multi-media project about sex, love and desire by Parodevi Pictures, an independent media and arts company based in Mumbai. And they do exactly that. Have any, literally any, questions about sex? Turn to them. To state a few, they have content on masturabtion, erotica, sex work, kinks, etc. They have 25.5K followers on Instagram.

Still waiting for the time when sex ed is made mandatory in schools. Until then, we have these creators.