We are hardly taught anything practical in the name of sex education (that’s when we are taught anything at all). So, whatever information that we consume about sex comes from shows, movies, and well, porn. On the other hand, it’s a different experience for everyone. That said, there’s also a lot of pressure associated with always having the perfect experiences, and let’s just face it, that is unreal.

So, Redditors shared things about sex that they wish someone told them before.

1. “Honestly that it shouldn’t be held on a pedestal, that I shouldn’t wait ‘for the right one’ and to just go have fun with understanding partners who want the same.”


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2. “I wish that someone would have explained to me that its not serious business. Sex is fun and exciting, and weird things are going to happen. Sounds/smells and some of the actions just aren’t glorious.”


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3. “Despite what pop culture has historically taught us, it’s not always the guy in a relationship with a higher sex drive. I never thought I’d have to beg my husband for sex.”

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4. “Sex on a beach is not half as good as the movies make it out to be. Sand being pushed into your vagina, burns!”


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5. “That anal requires quite a bit of preparation.”


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6. “It’s wetter, squishier and sweatier than you imagined. And you’ll LIKE it that way.”


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7. “This should be obvious, but it wasn’t. Cut your nails to perfection (I guess this works for both sides).”


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8. “Antibiotics negate birth control. Conversations with a number of friends revealed that: 1) We are dumb. 2) This needs to be much more common knowledge.”


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9. “Sex is something you do with a girl, not to her.”


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10. “The vagina is not nearly as sensitive as romance novels made it out to be. I expected to “feel” a lot more than I do.”


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11. “That shower sex is way overrated.”


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12. “That there is a massive difference between having sex, making love, and fucking.”


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13. “Not everyone lasts 30-60 minutes like in porn. Don’t base your stamina on that.”


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14. “Lube… lube for everyone! Lube for everything!”


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15. “It takes practice. It will probably suck when you’re a beginner.”


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Basically, stop trusting movies, or at least don’t rely completely on them.