It’s one of the most loved sex positions. And also, one of the most common ones!

Yes, the missionary sex position is what most couples go for. After all, what’s better than this sex position that allows you to maintain constant eye contact with your partner, right?


However, there’s nothing like repetition to ruin great sex. 

But then, who said the missionary position can’t be modified? 


Here are 12 variations of missionary that’ll make sure you’re never bored of this position:

1. Wrap Around

Crossing her legs around his waist, the woman pushes the man deeper inside, doubling the penetration and maximizing the pleasure. 

2. Yawning

When her legs are spread far and wide, it’s an all-clear route for him to reach the finish line.

3. Launch Pad

Her legs are folded, resting on his chest as he gets down to business. This position creates a wonderful angle for him to reach inside and the slight push from her feet adds to the adrenaline. 

4. Butterfly

This allows him to lift her body at an angle best suited for him. Basically, customized sex!

5. Splitting Bamboo

As he lifts one of her legs in the air, it creates both space and angle for him to easily slide in. 

6. Rock ‘N’ Roll

He’s got her legs entirely out of the way and is bending deep inside to make the perfect music. What’s not to like about this one?

7. Pillow Talk

Resting a pillow underneath her posterior helps not only in making it more comfortable for her but also lifts her body at a better angle making it easier for him to reach. 

8. Leg Glider

As they say, when things don’t work straight-up, it’s advisable to shift them a little on the side.

9. Sitting Bull

He’s sitting in this one and still gets to decide the angle. Besides, it makes it easier for him to pull her closer!

10. The Bridge

Inspired by the Yoga position, this one tightens her pelvic muscles making sure that the sensation is even more intense. Besides, he’s now got her body at an angle best suited for perfection!

11. Acrobat

This one needs a little flexibility in her body but if she can manage it, she’s guaranteed an awesome ride to the finish!

12. Cat

When she comes on her forearms, she’s closer to his body, creating more intimacy. 

Designs: Chhabi Parmar