By the time you perform the deed for the first time, there are a lot of reality checks you get in between. Sure, having sex is romantic, extremely emotional, followed by some oh-so-hot orgasms! But then you have to come back to earth, and urgghh, that gets annoying.

Not just ending, there are a lot of things people hate about sex, and we have compiled a list of them. Read on.

1.”It’s very hard for me to shake the idea I have to perform. Makes being in the moment difficult.”


2. “How porn makes sex out to be something of a fantasy and something to behold with all kinds of positions when in reality it’s just two people going at it in a fashion less desirable to see. Don’t get me wrong it’s still awesome but just not what the movies make it out to be. Plus half the positions are uncomfortable in all the videos.”


3. “The sheer amount of partners who don’t give a fuck about my orgasm, yet expect me to get them off multiple times before they become “too sore” or “too tired”. That is a percentage of partners that wouldn’t get out of their heads during sex. Stop worrying about what you look like at what angle and just focus on how good it feels, ok? Sex is supposed to be fun – for everyone – not to mention reciprocal.”


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4. “Partner that does not communicate, I tend to overthink and it kills my mood, I need someone that communicates so I can do and not think.”


5. “Post-Coital Tushy Soreness. Rough stuff in the heat of the moment is great and all, but can be a pain the ass afterwards.”


6. “Being really horny and getting really close to finishing but not having the energy to keep going and it’s like when you give in your dick resets so you have to start from the beginning or just give up which always makes your partner feel bad.”


7. “When I’m on my period I get extremely “excited” but I can’t do anything about it cause I don’t want to make a mess or take another shower.”


8.”Initiating it in a serious long-term relationship. Like hey, I know you just watched me scrub dog puke out of the carpet an hour ago, but rail me? Like I have such a hard time feeling sexy with someone who knows me on a personal/intimate level, but you can’t just go 0 to 90 there has to be SOME sort of bridge to transition the mood… trying to act sexy just feels so awkward.”


9.”When I know I’ll be able to cum and she won’t. Wish I’d be able to make my wife cum every time but it just always doesn’t happen.”


10.”Not in the mood when you want to be. Or in the mood and can’t get any.”


11.”The way bodies can just… kind of fail you? Either the wind leaves his sails and you know it’s not personal, but it’s hard not to take it that way. Or, you’re trucking along, and you know there’s an orgasm in there somewhere, so you try and try, and then nothing.”


12. “I’m an over-thinker and so the fear of pregnancy is always there even though I’m using a protection and she’s on birth control.”


13. “That men and women seem to have completely mismatched libidos.”


14. “When people take it seriously, it is supposed to be a fun activity, not a competitive sport. (Exception is protection, this should be definitely taken seriously).”


15. “Casual sex gets me nervous about catching an incurable STD. Other than that pretty much nothing bad about it.”


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16. “Remember the first time you had sex, and you suddenly realized well fuck, this is a FULL workout.”


17.”Sweat. It’s not a nice feeling of being covered in sweat and God forbid I drench her in it. That’s why I gotta get down with a fan on.”


18. “Not being able to orgasm even when he’s tried everything to make you orgasm. More than being upset at not orgasming I feel bad that he’s trying so hard and my body just won’t let me. It’s almost like I’m disappointing him.”


It’s a lot more than just fun. 

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