What’s weird for some people, can be exciting for others. So, even kinks that some may not get, can be rousing for others. And sex in public places is a very common fantasy – it’s probably about the thrill. But there’s so much more to public places than cars and washrooms. It’s actually surprising how creative people get when it comes to sneaking around.

And these Redditors know some very weird places, if you’re seeking inspiration.

1. “Weird and risky in context: I once had sex backstage right during a live show that I had the lead role in. That was a great performance!”


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2. “Back of a movie theater that was showing Wall-E”


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3. “Tube slide at an elementary school. Both of us were over 18.”


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4. “Tattoo bed. The tattoo guy left me and my gf alone for quite a while because he went to meet another client. I feel kinda bad about it, but what’s done is done, I can’t change it.”


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5. “In the trees adjacent to a ski run where we could hear the ski instructor shouting instructions. No regrets.”


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6. “I’m gonna call it a tie between the back seat of my car in a church parking lot, and in my room, under the blankets while my mother was in the room using the computer.”


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7. “Once in a sauna, once in a pool.”


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8. “Library.”


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9. “In the produce department of a grocery store, during store hours.”


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10. “McDonald’s play place ballpit. In hindsight… ugh!”


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11. “In an OB-GYN exam room.”


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12. “On a moving train. More specifically, on the bunk level of a one-class-above-freight cabin with a grandma or two sleeping below us.”


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It’s not very weird if you don’t think about technicalities.