The world of sex toys (*cough* massager *cough*)is pretty confusing. Add to that the taboo surrounding sex toys doesn’t help either. But before we delve deeper into the topic, let’s burst the myth that only single people or people who are frustrated with their sex lives need sex toys. Sex toys can be used by people of all genders and when used with a partner, it can help you get things hotter and heavier in the bedroom.

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Now that you have thought this through, here are eight things you must keep in mind when you get your first sex toy.

1. Research. Research. Research.

We cannot stress this enough. There are way too many options available in the market. This is all about you (or, you and your partner) so research what you want. Do you want something that can stimulate your pleasure points? Something that can be used externally? Something that can be used internally? Suctions? Vibrators? There’s a whole world out there. Take your time and research before you spend that hard-earned money.

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2. Start small, if you are still worried.

It’s very common to be afraid of all the options that are thrown at your face on the internet. Take it easy and start with a small toy. And because most of us live in brown households where privacy simply doesn’t exist, a small toy can be easily hidden in a bag and it wouldn’t even take up a lot of space. Plus, it will be easy to clean it too. You can explore more once you get comfortable.


3. Set a budget.

We know you want your first toy for solo play to be extremely special but don’t go overboard. While you are researching, you will find toys that are available at various price points. Choose what fits your budget and get that.

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4. Buy from reputed sources.

Just because a shady-looking website is selling the sex toy that you want for cheap does not mean that you have to buy it from there. Check multiple authentic websites and we’re sure you will find THE toy that’s meant for you.

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5. Check the material.

Ensure that the toy is made of ingredients that are safe and you aren’t allergic to any of them. Only toys that are made of high-quality metal, glass, and non-porous silicone are safe to use for that pleasure play. Beware of fakes and check as many times as you want till you are fully assured of it.

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6. Don’t throw away the dabba until you have read it.

Does the box mention that you can use it internally or externally or both? If a toy is specifically meant to be used externally, please follow it. You don’t need to be adventurous here. Check if it is battery-operated or needs to be plugged in to be recharged. Read the box like you have a viva the next day.

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7. Take your partner’s consent, please.

In case you are getting a toy to take things up a notch with your partner, please make sure to ask them about it. Some people won’t be comfortable using a sex toy and that is okay. What’s not okay is pressurizing them to do what you want to and putting their needs and wants on a back burner. Sex is supposed to be fun, don’t mess it up.

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8. Clean it up after every use.

Don’t forget this step, EVER. The box or the website where you purchased your sex toy will have a detailed guide on how to clean the toy. Follow that to the T. Make sure you sanitize it after every use. Keep it in a clean and dry place.


There you go, armed with the knowledge that’s required to up the pleasure game.

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