There’s no dearth of sex and relationship stories on the internet. And, while we were scrolling through the internet today, we stumbled upon a Reddit thread, where a number of people revealed some of the most underrated things that, according to them, people do while having sex. 

Are you ready? Read on and find out what people had to say.

1. “Hugging tight during missionary position.”

– millenialrose95

2. “Those moments where you feel extremely secure to speak what you want and your partner does it, with no questions asked.”

– willfullignoramous

3. “Making noise of enjoyment. It’s like, we are talking more than ‘that feels good’.”

– seesaw4640

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4. “Laughing together when things aren’t going as planned.”

– RAOBJthrowaway2345

5. “Stroking the inner thigh.”

– astoldbyelliot

6. “A back massage/shoulder rub while on the receiving end of doggy style. Full-body pleasure.”

– sjbman

7. “Removing the clothes. I like to do that part slowly and in a sexy way.”

– NOXY89

8. “Whispering in the ear of your partner.”

– SuvenPan

9. “Teasing. It makes everything so much better.”

– aufdie87

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10. “Slow thrusting just hits different.”

– smokietheklown

11. “Eye contact and foreplay.”

– CeleryNectar1

12. “Stroking fingers through their hair.”

– dbeynyc

13. “Holding hands. Kissing. Eye contact. Cuddles.”

– toxic9813

14. “Neck bites.”

– nedorostok

15. “Earlobe kisses. It’s a huge turn on.”

– penjjii

16. “Kissing your partner on the forehead while saying how much they love you.”

– Melodic-Shelter8398

17. “Being vocal. Moaning and letting your partner know that you are enjoying things.”

– kyford4x4

18. “Eye contact.”

– Profound_RK800

19. “Men moaning. I don’t want to be the only one expressing the pleasure.”

– Mediocre-Audience-78

20. “Finding the clitoris.”

– Jessica_Hexx

Which of these do you think is the most underrated act?