Sex is wholesome. It is so beautiful when you and your partner are deeply and passionately involved in an intimate exchange. Until you both climax. Umm, what then? Do you gulp awkward silences or just come up with the worst possible thing to say

So many people are puzzled when it comes to navigating post-sex conversations. They don’t have to be all weird or bad. In fact, this particular Reddit thread has got some really fantastic ideas on what should you say right after the deed is done. Have a look. And again, you’re welcome! 

1. “If you’re actually looking for a serious answer, “You’re incredible” or something equally flattering has worked well for me.”


2. “Well, we certainly aren’t virgins.”


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3. “What are we!”


4. “Just mutter “wow”. My ex did that, and it always felt like he was more than satisfied. As for me, I’d roll over and just grunt, that man was amazing.”


5. “A girl once said “I really needed that” to me afterward before collapsing on me and passing out. Older me understands that this absolutely doesn’t mean that I was a rock star that night, but damn if it didn’t stick with me.”


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6. “I had a girl say “that was a real mind scrambler.” This happened 25 years ago and I still puff my chest thinking about it.”


7. “You want to eat Pizza?”


8. “Never gonna give you up.”


9. “I just smile, say “hello”, and kiss them. Then depending on the time, it’s either snack or meal time. lol.”


10. “Thank you, that was amazing” might go a long way”


11. “Wow…that was awesome. I love you. Can you hand me my water?” – every time.”


12. “Nothing. Be in the moment. My wife and I usually just cuddle.”


13. “Girl, that was great, talk about a connection. Am I alone in my praise, do you share my assessment?”


14. “This is what I came here to say. Me and my girl say “good game” then smack each other on the ass.”


15. “I had a girl come over to watch Harry Potter (her request) with me and we were laying next to each other after sex (not even 5 minutes into the first movie). I just said, “well… that escalated quickly.” She started laughing hysterically for the next 5 minutes and it became an inside joke for us.”


16. “My wife and I have started coming up with new and different things to make each other laugh. My favorite so far is to gently whisper in her ear “I’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.”


17. “I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school.”


18. “Any amount of positive enthusiasm combined with some cuddlin’ should be enough.”


19. “This orgasm was brought to you by today’s sponsor, Squarespace.”


20. “You look them deep in their eyes, with a hint of a desire in your eyes, give a cheeky grin and kiss them again.”


21. “‘Ooh that was good. I liked that you did that new thing [explain what you liked]. That was so sexy and you were so sexy.’ Proceed to cuddle.”


Add a bit of humor or cuddle or express love and you’re sorted. Sometimes silence also helps unless you feel awkward about it.