It’s always exciting and fun when you, along with your partner, are sharing an intimate moment in your bedroom. There’s charm and seduction at both ends that spice things up. However, the one thing that can actually ruin the post-sex mood is an awkward conversation.

thread revealed some of the worst and most awkward things that one should absolutely avoid saying after sex. Here we go! 

1. Thank god that’s over.

2. Don’t tell mom.

3. I’ve had better.

4. What’s your name again?

5. Your mum does it better.

6. I didn’t feel anything. Are you sure it was in?

7. Now get out!

8. I think now is a good time to say we’re just friends.

9. Not bad, but I’ve had better.

10. Condom broke.

11. Money’s on the dresser.

– zubaz69

12. Oh, you’re done?

And it went like!