Sex in real life is light years away from what we’ve witnessed in reel life. Like movies hardly depict the awkwardness that follows moments after you’ve peaked. And so, while there are many bits about sex that are no less than sheer perfection, the entire process can be tiresome, messy, and even unsatisfying, many a time.

Reddit user u/pocketcrackers asked other Redditors on the popular r/AskReddit community to describe the worst part about sex for them. And people obliged with responses that are just too relatable.

Redditors discuss the worst bit about sex

Take a look:

1. “Having to get up to pee whilst snuggling post-coital so you don’t get a UTI.”

– ayewheezy

2. “The part when you need to tell the other(s) what they’re doing isn’t to your liking.”

– HenryMOER

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Redditors discuss worst things about sex

3.”The embarrassment when nothing you do seems to be right but she won’t tell you what would be good for her.”

– DeliciousHorseShirt

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4. “Constantly stressing about pregnancy.”


Sex preganancy scare

5. “Being close but not being able to finish. Or knowing that moment where you knew you weren’t going to finish and lost what you had in the build-up.”


6. “My inability to orgasm no matter what I do.”

– Black-Maicoh

worst bits about sex

7. “The waddling to the bathroom afterwards for the ‘clean up’… definitely not like the movies!”


8. “When it ends.”

– Pige0n_eater

Awkward things about sex

9. “When I can tell they aren’t really interested but just going along with it. I’ve done it before too and it’s not fun.”

– Ok_Conversation_4042

10. “Not confident enough to dirty talk.”


things you hate about sex

11. “Washing my sheets and whatever else on the bed afterwards. Right now my partner only ever comes to my place because the location I live in is near fun places to go out to but my laundry is a shared laundry room in the basement of my building and omg fuck all this extra laundry.”


12. “The part where I don’t have it.”

– Supdud3sss

worst part about sex reddit

What would you add to the list?

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