Winter is almost here! The weather may get cold outside, but your sex life shouldn’t. As nights get longer, sex in winter gets hotter.

To keep you all snuggled up with your partner, here are some winter sex positions you should try with your partners.

1. Go creative with foreplay

All you need is some heat to keep you warm. Start with some hot body rubs, lots of cuddles, and warm massages; make sure you caress them for a long time. Do all you can inside that blanket. It will surely stimulate your partner.

2. Keep your blankets on & try missionary

Try something easy at first. Have your partner on the top like a human blanket, make sure the blanket doesn’t slip. A missionary may be boring, given all those wonderful positions out there, but hey, what’s more fun than having your partner all cuddled with you. Add pillows to make the atmosphere cozier.

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3. A warm shower adds more to the fun

You know it’s all about the friction of heat. Grab your partner into that hot shower & let that warm water flow through the body. I know the bathroom is the coolest place in winter, but when you are in it with your partner, you create your own steam with a hot-shower sex sesh.

4. Don’t step out of the bed

The closer you are with your partner, the warmer it gets. The side-by-side snuggly always helps. All you need to do is lay down facing your partner, wrap your legs around their hips, you know what to do next!

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5. It’s time to try 69 now

By now, you know, staying close to your partner keeps you heated. While you 69 with your partner and get on each other’s top, you just slide-in for more fun.

6. Try some spooning under your blanket

Winter is all about being lazy & not getting out of bed. Spooning is the perfect position for cold nights. Did you know? spooning is a great way to cuddle & have sex at the same time. So grab your partner from behind, lay down & go inside.

7.  Wrap yourself around each other 

It’s all about the proximity. Time to get up & sit face to face with your partner. Yeah, like the lotus position. Wrap your legs around each other, remember, let the woman be on top. Feel each other’s warm breath & have fun.

8. Bored of bed now? Try this

It’s time to jump out of bed & get warmer with your partner. Grab a chair, you can try a lot of things here, face toward them, face away, or even go for oral. This position helps you trap the heat, adds to stimulation in your clit.

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9. Go down on your partner

Nothing keeps you hotter than oral sex. Try going down on each other with those blankets on (it’s get’s all romantic inside). You can also try this under the hot shower (thank me later).

10. Let your woman take control over this one

A dominant woman is all you need to keep your winters hot. Let your woman be on top, lean forward to your partner, and proceed further. This is totally a hug under the blanket with penetration. Use lots of lube for this one.

Winters are the ideal time to get cozy with your partner!

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