Shershaah, the biopic based on the life of Capt. Vikram Batra, and starring Sidharth Malhotra in the titular role, showcases Capt. Batra’s unparalleled strength and undeniable wit, even in the face of extreme danger.

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While one may think some of the dialogues are an example of Bollywood taking creative freedom, instances shared by family, friends, and fellow soldiers prove, Captain Batra was not one to shy away from danger. Or to not laugh in the face of death. 

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In fact, the following dialogues used in the film were actually spoken by Captain Vikram Batra in real life: 

1. When a bullet meant for Vikram hit another soldier. 

While in the movie Captain Batra says this to his Captain Jamwal (both are Lieutenants at the time), in real life, Captain Batra said this to his sister over a phone call. This was the original dialogue: 

Didi, it was meant for me and I lost my man.
Amar Ujala

2. When he bravely talked about his own death, to his friend. 

3. Vikram Batra actually chose the Pepsi slogan, Yeh Dil Maange More, as his success signal. 

Captain Batra shared this with journalist Barkha Dutta, when she interviewed him after the successful capture of Point 5140. 

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4. In fact, the entire interview has been recreated in the film, including the part where he talked about his codename being intercepted by Pakistani soldiers, and his troops’ reaction to their threats. 

Clippings from the original interview: 

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5. Captain Batra’s ‘interesting’ exchange with a Pakistani officer over Madhuri Dixit. 

In the middle of the fight, Captain Batra served a fitting reply to a Pakistani soldier’s arrogant claim on what could make the war stop. 

However, it didn’t stop just there. He also shot the officer at point-blank range and claimed it was a ‘gift’ from Madhuri Dixit.  

In real life, Captain Batra’s twin, Vishal Batra, recounted this story during a TedX talk on his brother. And instead of a gun, Batra had thrown a hand grenade at a Pakistani bunker, while saying these same words. 

Vikram lobbed a hand-grenade very softly and said, “To all of you, with love, from Madhuri Dixit”.   

6. When Vikram Batra saved the life of a fellow soldier, risking his own life in the process. 

Kargil War Veteran, Capt. Naveen Nagappa, shared with Humans of Bombay the exact words Captain Batra said to him: 

Anna, you must go down. You must get treated. I’ll sort these buggers out!

8. When he stopped another soldier from going ahead of him because he had a wife and kids to go back to. 

Capt. Batra, who was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra, attained martyrdom while recapturing Point 4875. But the nation is forever indebted to him, and his supreme sacrifice can never be forgotten.